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Cuddlebuns AIOs question

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I love the way CBs fit on my son, so I decided to make a few of my own. The fitteds turned out great but DH likes AIOs better than a fitted & cover which means I'm thinking of making some CB AIOs.

In the pattern directions it shows an AIO made w/fleece-- the elastic is sewn to the inside layers but not thru the fleece layer. The knit material is also supposed to flare to the outside on the legs.

Has anyone bought or made a CB AIO using this method? I'm concerned that the knit material being exposed in the legs will wick moisture. Also, the AIOs I've seen have all had the elastic sewn right thru to the fleece cover...does that wick or should I stick with the pattern?

And finally, anyone have a CB AIO? How well does it work? (I have HB AIOs that I really like so if they're comparable I'd be happy).

If the CB AIO isn't workable, I might just go the route of making some snap in fitteds and a CB cover out of wool so it's an "almost in one".

Hope this question is ok here!

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We love our Cuddle-in-Ones! They have fleece on the outside and are wonderful. They go on quickly and are less bulky than a CuddleBun fitted diaper with cover.

I haven't made any myself, but have thought about it. YOu'll have to let us know how making it goes!

I have a Cuddle-In-One which we love. I 've looked at it and it seems to have the elastic sewn through the fleece. I haven't had any problems with wicking. I don't have any HB's so I can't compare how they work.

MamaW of Niko
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I have one from RB that I like. It works fine. The elastic is not sewn to the fleece at all. The inside is velour and seems to be fine as far as wicking. If I leave it on way to long, like overnight, it will eventually wick out the legs.

I definitely say try it!
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I think with the knit material being the inner layer it's considered a "daytime" CIO. If you use a microfleece for the inner layer you might have better luck for nightime use. And it really helps not to sew the elastic through to the outer layer of fleece as the directions suggest, IMO. Of course, if you have a light wetter then the knit inner and elastic sewn all the way through would probably work just fine.

CuddleBuns Cuddle-In-Ones are SUPER and work great! I use them in rotation with my fitted CB's and I reach for them first all the time.
They are a bit tricky to sew but it sounds like you've got the skills.

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