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cuisenaire rods help needed

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I could use some Cuisenaire rod help. I bought some a while ago and put them away. This morning, I thought I'd take them out and let DD play with them for a while. My intention was just to have her play with them, doing whatever she wanted, but I made the mistake of mentioning that you could use them to do math problems. As soon as I said that, of course, she wanted to do that. I came up with a few ideas--we sorted, played a little bit with fractions, but I ran out of ideas well before she was ready to be done.

I would like to order some sort of book or math curriculum that has ideas for using the rods. Does anybody have recommendations? We would be looking for something fairly elementary--maybe first grade level or so.

In the meantime, if anybody has any games or problems we could do with the rods, it would be much appreciated
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We dabbled around with Miquon Math, which I love. It's a discovery-approach-based math curriculum for 1st-through-3rd grade which uses Cuisenaires as its primary manipulative. But you're probably not at the point of jumping in to purchase a curriculum.

At one point I put together some games in a booklet for my 3rd child. She wanted to start Miquon, but I was sort of trying to keep her math work more playful and less goal-oriented because of her young age, so I put together this booklet to distract her from Miquon.

The bad news is it didn't work. She loved the games but a couple of months later asked "now can I start Miquon?" The good news is that because of the playful stuff we had done, she began Miquon at a conceptually advanced level and whizzed through a lot of the things that my older two kids had had to work to master.

You can print off the booklet and accompanying cards in pdf format here if you like (nondescript text link partway down the page). Some of the stuff is dead simple and more to familiarize a child with the relative lengths and values of the rods, but there's also some more advanced strategic stuff.

There are some Cuisenaire Source Books that are grade-levelled that some people quite like. We own the 2nd/3rd grade level one but my kids found it far to school-like and simplistic for their tastes.

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I have a pretty good book called "Idea book for Cuisenaire Rods at the primary level." by Patricia Davidson. It's not bad, though we haven't used to many ideas from it as my oldest is just not interested in the rods. My youngest likes to play with them, so I might start using some of the other ideas from it.
Thank you both so much. I'm going to check out both the Idea Book and Miquon Math now. Miranda--thanks for that link. The book that you put together was just what I needed for now. It gave us enough activities so that we can play while we figure out what to order! We tried a couple of things this morning, and it gave both DD and I some ideas of other activities we could do with the rods.
I highly recommend the first miquon book. it is a good discovery based approach to playing with the rods. even if you decide not to go with the whole program the workbooks are cheap and can stand on thier own.
Thanks, lilyka. I just ordered the workbook. DD is VERY excited!
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