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culture differences...going nude at beach??

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what to do??

We been living abroad and going nude at the beach was the norm there. Coming back its not the norm here. Should I tell my 4 year old dd its not acceptable??
Or should I look for less crowded beaches to go to??

How does one explain without making child uncomfortable about themselves? How do I explain the culture differences?

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She will probably adapt to the cultural difference easier than you think....I would just tell her the facts: while it was normal and acceptable to sunbathe nude there, it is not acceptable here. Here, everyone is expected to wear a swimsuit. People are more modest here.

For my dd, I have had to explain that it is fine for her to be nude at home/on the porch, but she may not run around in the yard nude (front yard--open to street). I don't think it made her feel uncomfortable about her body at all, because she is still nudie inside whenever possible--and so am I
. I've introduced the concept of modesty (everyone covers their vulva on the beach, outside...). I can't possibly justify why a female child should cover her nipples, so lots of times she just wears her bikini bottom to the beach. No biggie--I did the same when I was little.
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I would drop the term modest and say more clothed. Modesty is a subjective term that can imply negative emotions to nudity.
When my DS was 3 I was changing out of his wet suit at the beach. He got away from me and the lifeguard came over to tell me that he HAD to have clothes on. It made me mad, it was only a few seconds and he was THREE!

Anyway, I got over it. It was pointed out to me that I was protecting my DS by keeping him covered. You never know what kind of pervert is near by...
Has DD objected to a swimsuit? If you are not opposed, I would just take her shopping for her special swim suit and call it a day. When she sees her friends wearing one, I'd assume she would want to to.

I let DD go topless if she wants. We have told our kids that no one wants to see their butts in public, lol. I've also told DD that women wear swim tops to be more comfortable in this area and when she starts getting breasts she will need to as well. Until then, its her choice (she is 5, btw, and usually wears the top).
i agree she'll be fine with the facts-that here, it's the custom to keep clothes on at the beach
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I think children adapt rather easily. I remember when I was a child, we took several trips to the caribbean and other places/beaches where nudity was the norm. We would go ahead and be nude... but then go back home and not do it there.
I think it is ok to tell them that it's acceptable in some places and others not, as long as it does not affect their perception on nudity/the body. there's really nothing to be ashamed of!
Great posts! I would add that there probably are "nude" beaches near you if you ask around. You could go to all kinds of beaches as you feel comfortable. When we visit friends in CT and go to the beach there I am always suprised at the 'glances' a bikini gets. [Or even lack of 'coverup'.] And when we visit friends in N CA alot of the beaches are "nude". Here in WA seems to be in between. So far Taylor doesnt bat an eye at the differences. We and he dress "like everyone else" at the beach and it seems acceptable to him.

PS. We did go through a short time when *I* wore bottoms since he was very upset that my penis was missing.
But he is over that now at 4 yrs old.
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We're a pretty "naked family" around here, so when people come over, of course we adults put clothes on, if we don't have any on. Anyway, lately when AJ's friends are over, and they are out in the sprinkler or whatever, i have told him he needs to where a bathing suit because penis's are private for only yourself to see... that his friends shouldn't be looking at his private parts.
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