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Starr, I had to go to the same office last year, although I work near that neighborhood and live in a pretty diverse area, so I'm more used to that part of it. What I felt uncomfortable about, and I'm sure you noticed this too, is that the folks there for adoptions got to go breezing through the line and get fingerprints and get out of there, while the other folks were waiting and waiting for various things - visas, work permits, etc. The whole BCIS experience for us was relatively friendly and positive for us, but I'm sure much less so for others...

This was also our experience at the Embassy in Guatemala. The white, adoptive American parents got "special" treatment (our own lines, windows etc.) while the Guatemlanas applying for visas, etc. appeared to have a much longer wait.

If you would like to know about a couple of friendly and interesting places to visit when your daughter gets home, I would suggest Centro Mercado, on Lake Street and Bloomington Avenue in Minneapolis, and the Center for the Americas, also on Lake Street and 27th Avenue in Minneapolis (a couple miles east.) They have a great bookstore and cafe, and Centro has some great little shops and restaurants, all Latino-owned.
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