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Originally Posted by Starr

DH and I also were flabbergasted at the different forms of treatment we received. We were the 5th couple in line, from getting there so early, and when the others before us went in line the staff would quite loudly I thought tell them to go, sit down, fill out papers, and go into another line. We had t o do the same thing as well but they were like"Good morning", "Do you have any questions?", they didn't offer to help anyone else. It was so sad
. The lady that fingerprinted me though wasn't so nice
: . She kept making me stand in different spots and kept saying "Don't fight me on this" (as she was rolling my wrist) and then "You need to cooperate". We were out pretty quick though. Now just waiting for 171H form to come in.

I had almost exactly the same experience. I was appalled at the way we were treated (with courtesty) vs. the way POC were treated when first checking in at BCIS. It made me very upset.

As for feeling afraid/uncomfortable in the neighborhood, i'd guess it was probably because you were out of your comfort zone. It was a strange situation, you didn't know how the immigration process would go, and you were in a place that you're not familiar with. I think it's completely understandable.
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