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Hi, I'm new here---my name is Judy and I just moved to St. Paul after years in south Mpls.

Anyway, I know the feeling of being the only caucasian and all that. When we have moved to nicer neighborhoods (less crime, etc.) throughout the years, I've noticed that I feel different when I go back to visit. I notice things that were just part of life when I lived there. We've gotten used to all sort of things when living in certain neighborhoods---be it drug dealers standing on the corners, or just being the only caucasian folk from time to time.

I think it's normal to feel that way, but when I feel that way I take it as a sign that I am not keeping myself as exposed to different things as I'd like to. (of course I'm not talking about getting used to drug dealing
Also, the more my daughter wants to talk to me about different types of people she is seeing...well, I make a mental note that I need to get her out into more diverse areas more and expose her to more. Idealy I'd like her to be in any environment and feel comfortable with the people around her -- even if she's the only little white girl there.
So far I feel like we've done fairly well on that but now since I'll be homeschooling I'm a bit concerned that we may not have the diversity I'd like to see her be around.

I have found that a trip to the laundromat to play with all the kids while I wash the comforters is a good thing. Last time she played with several kids who spoke little english and where from a few differnt countries. She had lots of funa dn was sorry to go.
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