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You were right in my neighborhood

I've lived here for 6 years and I've become more comfortable every year. At first, I was concerned about Midway's reputation as crime-ridden, and I tried to avoid walking down to University alone. Now, I go anywhere by myself and/or with the kids, but I don't walk around at night for the most part - just not too comfortable with that idea no matter where I live.

I think that a lot of what caused your discomfort was the negative vibe from all the people being sick and tired of waiting in line. Between that and you being in a place you're not familiar with, with hardly anyone speaking English, and police officers watching over you, I can understand feeling uncomfortable.

I don't think you had anything to worry about. The crime rate here is low (most arrests directly on University are for drugs or prostitution) and people are generally friendly. Maybe you should come back another time when you're not on a mission to deal with the government and just check out the neighborhood - you'll see that it's pretty nice here.
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