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culturing goats milk

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Can this be done? Can I use a cow milk based starter like yogurmet? I found some goat milk, a different brand. It's actually not bad. It doesn't smell like cardboard like the other stuff, and tastes sweet. DS loves yoghurt, but he can't have cow's milk because of breathing and sleep apnea issues. We find he needs something more substantial in his evening bottle then just tea. I'm hoping he will be able to tollerate the goat milk better. I would just like to give him the 1 bottle/cup at night and offer goat milk yoghurt every other day for probiotics. I don't want to waste it by experimenting as it's pricey.
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Hey CJR!

Is it Fairwinds Farm?

I used their plain youghurt to culture a batch. It worked but it was runnier than cow youghurt. I would suggest adding apple pectin to thicken and make sure you almost scald the milk.

I too wonder if you could use a cow starter. I didn't know so I used a goat yougurt to start,

I strained it twice and used it for cream cheese.
Nope, can't stand the stuff. It's Happy Days in BC. I don't think they're organic, but the milk just tastes so much better. I have bought Fairwinds 3 times and each time I just about gag from the smell. This brand smells like cow's milk and has a much sweeter taste to it. Maybe I will just try the yogurmet and see what happens. I kept getting such mixed results by using yoghurt as a starter that I stopped.
Apparently the smell in the goat milk gets stronger when the male goat is kept near the female when she is lactating.

Fairwinds does farm tours though. Want to go sometime?
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I would LOVE to. I am so hoping that Carter will take to the goats milk. He just needs something more substantial at night and I would love to get the probiotic into him. I wouldn't even mind eating some yoghurt or kefir with goats milk.

We missed you at the Lilac Festival. The girls and I spend about 7 hours walking. We walked from the train on 7th to the festival and then through the festival to 27th ave. Then we decided to go back downtown to the park at Prince's Island. So we walked the 27 blocks back to the park. It was nice to see all the people and the cute homes and shops. Next time.
Sounds like FUN!!!

We hiked troll falls on Sunday. It is so beautiful. Your girls could totally do the hike, Carter in backpack.

We should do a AP playgroup hike with lots of families! (Bear country)

We saw a coyote!
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