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About Cureline Website: Your Personal Guide To Unlocking The Natural Healing Power Of Supplements

Vitamins, minerals, and herbals are a big part of nearly everyone’s life, as British people spend billions of pounds on these products every year. Supplements continue to be a hot news topic; practically every day we read or hear about a new cancer cure, a miracle diet, a new approach to maintaining or improving health, or an amazing new vitamin, mineral, or herbal combination that will provide special benefits. What are these miracle remedies that are the source of eternal youth, beauty and these cures for the diseases that plague and endanger our lives? Do they really help?

Experts agree that vitamins and minerals are needed for everyday functions of the human body as well as to prevent deficiency conditions that occur when they are not present in the diet. But when you venture beyond the scientifically proven uses for vitamins and minerals, you enter a world of controversy and disagreement about how much of each vitamin and mineral you should take every day, what benefits of herbal supplements can be expected to provide, and how to get these nutrients into your body.

Some experts believe that you can, and should, get all the nutrition you need by eating a sensible balanced diet. Others feel that our calorie-counting, fast-paced lifestyles make it virtually impossible to eat enough of the right foods. Still, others believe that doses of vitamins and minerals higher than the daily recommended amount can provide specific medical benefits, while others counter that there is no merit to the notion of treating disease with mega-doses of nutrients.

Yet others see the mounting evidence for vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, zinc, and other nutrients as the tip of a “nutriceutical” iceberg. The problem is, they say, we don’t know enough about the important role played by these nutrients and how they can help us.

And the controversy continues to mount if you consider herbals, which, unlike vitamins, are not necessary for basic body function. Herbs have long been used as the sole source of medicine in many cultures, uses that pre-date the development of modern medicine. Millions of people around the world use herbs to supplement or replace “modern” medicines.

How do they work? How do we know they work? How have the most popular herbals earned their reputations? Have modern herbal products been subjected to the same level of scrutiny and research as modern medicines? Are all herbal products the same? How can you know which herbal product to buy? Even though we which vitamins, minerals, and herbals are right for you? This is why we started our website Cureline to help you with a better understanding of health supplements.
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