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curious about No Cry Sleep Solution....

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Does it really take a whole book to describe a no-cry-sleep-solution? I hear moms referring to it as the what they used...... I am on the fence about it. On one hand, sure the thought of her sleeping all night after I put her in the bed, would be grand. (She doesn't sleep all night, sleeps half in mine and half in her toddler bed. It's in my room and she can join me at anytime.) On the other hand, I think if she can feel at ease to stay asleep all night.....all the better, kwim?

Is it worth the buy to get this book? Can someone give me the jist of the "solution"? Is there something I really have overlooked? I think babies sleep as well as they need to and eventually just as long as they need to. She is just not a little baby anymore, and I'm wondering when she will drop the need to get up all night, and if there is a way I can "gently" help her out.

DD, Fiona, is 14 months bf and generally happy all the time. She eats anything, plays everthing, and is loud in protest. It seems to me she would be tired of getting up at night.......when will this happen? I thought it was a long duration for my ds2 at 12 months, he finally decided to stay in his bed and sleep THERE all night.

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I have this book, read it several months ago, and implemented some of the strategies. I think "the solution" it refers to is actually nothing more than time, but of course, the author doesn't come right out and say that because then she wouldn't make any money. :LOL

The book recommends a series of strategies, combined with keeping a 'sleep log'. I didn't do the sleep log thing because I recognized is as just a way of showing improvement over time, which I think happens naturally no matter what strategies are used.

The strategies are all common sense; but to be honest, I felt at my wits end and was tired all the time and I just wasn't using my common sense all that well. So it helped me in that respect. That said, there really wasn't anything earth-shattering in the book.
Thanks for the skinny.

I also saw a No Cry Sleep Solution for toddlers. two books for sleeping children.....

Since I have two other youngsters, I have to remember to make her sleep time routines more consistant. Nights are busy and the others are doing their stuff and she usually is just waiting for a nursing. Sometimes her baths are at night and sometimes in the day, etc. Inconsistant in general.

She actually slept from 9:40 till 7:30 this morning! Go figure, just the time you wonder about it, there is no reason any longer. Well, here's hoping anyway!

I got it from the library and read it. As a first time mom reading some of the strategies was useful for me. Since you have experience, you've probably tried a lot of these methods. It was also very helpful because I have a DH who insists on having a plan/method, so I could say that I was using this "method."
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You might want to do a search over in Nighttime Parenting; there's lots of threads about this book.

I found it moderately helpful. There were a couple of suggestions that worked gangbusters for us -- others, not so much. You might want to take a look at it -- get it from the library, or post an ISO on the Trading Post for a used copy.

That said, what worked best for us was "modeling" for DS -- we actually set up a twin bed in his room and when it was time for him to go to sleep, either DP or I would lie down and "pretend" to sleep (Often, we didn't have to pretend!
) . We'd tell him it was time to sleep, and make the sign, but otherwise just show him what we were doing. He picked up on it pretty quickly, and now goes to sleep on his own very well. I never thought we'd get to this point, as we were nursing to sleep (for hours, sometimes!) and having to do the Houdini-like contortions to lay him down and get outta there without waking him. This method actually might work well if your DC has a separate bed in your room. We found this to be a pretty gentle nudge to transition our DS to sleeping "on his own." I think he was about the same age -- 13 or 14 months.

HTH! Good luck.

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very funny! I am great pals with the Houdini-like contortions! Wouldn't believe a grown up my size could fit on a toddler bed.....till you see it. LOL! Nick--did your ds have a crib? There is a lot for my dd to learn at bedtime. She has to figure out how to settle down and how to in bed. So, I have to be there the whole time. One day we'll have a house and everyone can have their own space.

Thanks for the suggestions, they're helpful Ladies!

boongirl--great conversation on that thread! I've got about 15 "amen sistas" for them!

The only problem with my little dd sleeping is in my dh's head. I can solve that by posting a schedule. I don't pay attention to the clock and it drives him nuts, so whatever, at least it'll appear to him that we are sooooo time organized
He doesn't get AP or GD, and thinks I'm a weird hippy mom. He's working around to my way of thinking though.


PS Your diapes are cute.
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