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I love Santa ! My oldest believed . . . when he was told otherwise and asked me what the truth was I told him: "Isn't it fun to believe?" He was old enough to understand the playfullness and not be devasted that santa wasn't 'real'.

With my youngest, he is three & 1/2, he is just starting to 'get' it. We went to see Santa in the mall and he waited in line for 40 minutes. Which is a huge accomplishment for a child that can't sit still for a minute. I'm not kidding. He gets impatient on car rides longer than 20 minutes.

I have a dss that is 12. I have asked him to please not ruin it for him and he says he won't . . . however if he does it's no big deal. I admit, I would be dissapointed because the magical faith of young children is so sweet and their wonder about life is truly precious. As shown when we went to see Santa. My lo was so excited. So cute!

But, on the other hand,

I grew up with older siblings and as soon as they realised Santa was not real they couldn't wait to tell me he didn't exist and it was Daddy dressed up. Again, there was no upset or trauma. As a matter of fact I was pretty relieved that the strange guy giving out presents was someone familier and not a stranger after all !

( In the Finnish culture Santa comes to everyones home on Christmas eve and visits the children and gives them presents )

My point being ( and I do have one) : If an older sibling ruins it so be it. That's part of life having older siblings step or biological.

Can't control every little thing ykim?
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