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I am looking to see who knows more then I...

I have stright hair. I always have, and what a pain. It is very very hard to keep a curl in it. When I was a little girl my mum would curl (with a curling iron) before school sometimes, and by the time school let out it was flat.
I do love curls! Even more so as an adult.
I recently had my hair put up in curls for a fancy smancey party, and now I am hooked. >.<

I no-poo (or well did up till the stylist washed my hair, even though she said she was just going to wet it well. Sigh, but this too will pass.) due to a very natural out look when it come to my hair. I also understand that a lot of types of body mod.s are a bit more, tec.-y, and not all that natural at all (like the random pieces of metal I so neatly placed on even more random parts of my body... lol. I am not all that bad promise!). So, this is the true reason I write, for a better understanding I know nothing about.

What are my choices? Perm? Anything else?
Is heavy chemicals they only way to go? or is there something more natural?
What about once I have it, will it be no poo no longer?

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