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Curly hair crazyness

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I need hair help! DD has semi-fine curls, big ringlet ones. I can't seem to keep knots out of it. I have dreadlocks myself so brushing hair hasn't been an issue for the past 3 years. My hair was streight and I have no knowledge of curly maintanance. People say we should just let hers lock up like her mama & papa. We think that's her decision to make when she's older.
We use de-tangler shampoo but it knots up right after it's dry. I'm not sure if I want to use that spay stuff though. What's the best type of brush to use? We have a soft bristle one but it doesn't seem to do anything. Ant advice would be wonderful, thanks

mama of original dread - yes yes I!
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Have you tried a pick? They seem to work best for curly hair. This is what I used when mine was curly (early 90's perm...very bad, we won't speak of it again
). It kept the frizz to a minimum. It's best to hold the hair at the root, so you're not pulling, and pick it starting from the bottom and working your way up toward the roots. Most tangles start from the bottom, so if you're just brushing down, your just tightening the tangles. Conditioner really helps as well. My hair is thick and straight but I can't get a brush thru it if I don't use conditioner.

Hope this helps! Best of luck Mama!
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And, the very best thing about curly hair is you can't tell if they cut their hair!

My son uses no shampoo and we put on a nice leave in conditioner as soon as he's towel dried from the shower/bath. I'm using Paul Mitchell, The Conditioner, and it works great. Then, I use a pick to get his "baby dreadlocks."
If he does need a shampoo (after swimming) I just use Dr. Bronner's almond. Pepp can be too spicy for their skin/eyes.)

btw: this works for me, too.
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I have curly hair, and the number one rule is to never brush it!!! Seriously, it makes it frizz and do all sorts of bad things. The best thing to do, as others have suggested, is to use generous amounts of a good conditioner. Comb it out at that point with a wide-toothed comb and let is airdry. That's it!
Dds have those tight curls too. I now wet it at bathtime, then smother it with conditioner, then brush it out as they play in the bath. I hold it at the roots so it doesnt pull. Then rinse off the conditioner and pat dry, don't rub with the towel.

It works, but it means we have to bath in the mornings not at night, as if they sleep with it damp it knots up really badly, and they wont' have it tied up.

It's beautiful, but certainly high-maintenance!
I am the queen of dealing with curly hair. Check out my older dd:

Here is our routine--we use the "spray stuff" because it is a miracle.

Morning: wet hair completely with detangler (you can mix your own with conditioner and water if you want, but the detangler works much better and is a better leave-in conditioner--ie, it is not as heavy). Brush from tip-to-end with a brush with far-apart bristles (I don't know what they are called).

Let dry.

After bath: leave conditioner in hair after shampooing and brush through.

The key is doing this every day. If I let my dd's hair go a day, it is impossible and full of rat's nests.
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Instead of detangler just use spray in conditioner or dilute conditioner in a spray bottle.
I also find that a non friz product helps a lot. I use the Sally's Store brand, its in a blue bottle with a pink top.
I would also recommend a pick.
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