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I have had custody & guardianship of my now 7 year old niece since August of 2014, we have a plan to go back to court next year to reevaluate the Mother's situation. My brother is the father and gets her 1-2 weekends a month, basically when he has time. During this time the mother had another baby (not with my brother) and that baby is a year old and was just given to the dad. I was thinking of shared custody with the mother up until today. I found out she attempted suicide for the second time, that's when CPS handed over her baby to the dad. My niece doesn't know what's happened and am not sure what I should tell her. She visits her mom at a shelter 1 weekend a month and this coming weekend is supposed to be her weekend and my niece knows that. The other issue is that because the baby was taken away, the shelter will not allow her to stay there when she is released from the hospital. My thing is, I don't want to lie to my niece but also not sure how/if I should tell her? I am going to call her school therapist in the morning to let her know what's happened. Any advice on how to handle this with a 7 year old??

Thank You,
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