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Cute kid?

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This feels like such a silly question, but I'll ask anyway.
My niece and nephew (6 and 8) have just moved in with DH & me, and we are having a lovely time. My problem, if you can call it that, is that my little one is cute. Seriously: we can rarely go out without someone complimenting him on how adorable he is.

It's very kind that people think that, of course, but (1) he's vain enough, thank you
and (2) what is his sister, chopped liver? No, she's not so typically cute, but she's certainly attractive in her own right.
(Overprotective much? Who, me?
: )
It just irks me that people think it makes sense to come up to strangers and make comments like that. We have enough sibling rivalry going on and I don't want this to become another log on that fire.

15 1/2 weeks w/biokid #1, loving aunt to N (8) & T (6)
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Hmmm... I don't know. I guess I'd try to have some kind of a comeback prepared - because I really don't think you can stop them from commenting in the first place.

I guess my girls are all about the same amount of cuteness
because this hasn't been an issue for us.

And good for you for taking in your niece and nephew! My sister and brother lived with us for a few years right after we got married. Not sure how much my dp liked it, but I thought it was wonderful.
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You can't really stop people from saying it obviously. Just a simple thank you and say "It's must be hereditary!" (And explain to the kids what THAT means!)
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I am confused . . . you have one little one that everyone comments on and two older ones - neice and nephew? how old is your baby? is it posible everyone thinks he is cute because he is the baby?

maybe it is easier with siblings but when everyone would go crazy over the baby the older sisters would just eat up because hey - she was theirs so they were obviously responsible for how cute she was (especially if she had a drawing on her forehead or something . . . ).
Babies always get that more than big kids. I wouldn't worry about it, it'll fade.
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