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One of our neighbors had put one of those Fisher-Price dollhouses by the street with a "free" sign. It had a lot of accessories, so I grabbed it for dd 22mo. She's having great fun with it.

I was watching her play with great interest. She took the "daddy" and laid him in the bed, then the "baby". Then, I watched her take the "mommy" and the "baby" and put them into the bed. Then, she decided that the "daddy", "mommy" and "baby" ought to get some rest. The dollhouse came with a crib, a cradle and other various baby accessories, but she ignored them.

It was just so fun to see her looking at co-sleeping as something very normal. She didn't have any interest in putting her "baby" into any of the accessories except the swing. Kinda silly actually since she HATES swings, but that's another post...
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