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Dear all,

Our baby is now 6 weeks old and we've been doing ec almost fulltime in the past 4 weeks. We tried to take it easy and not over-obsess. Than the micro-pees came in (2 to 3 times per day he would have a bulk peeing pattern of 5 pees within 10 minutes). Than cramps came in. And my hands and back are suffering a lot when my husband is not home and all the holding on potty falls on my shoulders (still recovering from pubic symphisis disability after birth).
Our son was never "diaper-trained", in the sense that even when we would not use a potty we would let him pee on the pad or try to catch the pee as soon as possible and associate the soind signal. We had a record of 32 diapers in a day once, so this was the point when we decided to use the potty.
At the moment we are in a kind of a mess, because of over-exhaustion, frequent elimination and the pressure to be able to go back to rehearsals and part time work the week after new year. Every time we do not offer him the potty when he signals, he becomes very agitated and starts to cry. Sometimes we think the cry is because of cramps but than we see it s actually that he wants the potty (after he was just put back in diapers). Diaper free time or less layers are not an option because we live in Belgium where interior temperatures tend to be very low. Basically people almost don't use heating indoors here, even when it's quite cold outside. We prefer 21-22 degrees, but he will live here and will have to adapt to what is here. So all these factors combined make us want to step back with EC and 'diaper-train" our baby part time.
So here come our questions:
-did any of you experience one of the aforementoined situations? How did you deal with it? (low indoor temp, frequent urination unrelated to UTI, physical difficulty in holding over potty, strong reaction of baby when not offered the potty, exhaustion from ec)
-does any of you practice part time ec? How do you define the consistency of it so that the baby stops asking for the potty at specific moments (for ex., 5 hours per day break or, when I am home alone with him, just diapers and occasoinal potty)?
-how the heck do you diaper train a baby without him having a 30 minutes crying session?

Those being said, we would very much appreciate your advice or thoughts and would like to mention that even though we strongly believe in EC and both our baby an we consider it very important, having a mother who is not on the verge of collapsing is more worthwhile in the long run for everybody than any method applied.

Many thanks in advance :)
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