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Cutting PUL on the bias?

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I have broken down and ordered some PUL (the free diaper idea is officially dead!). I was wondering whether you can sometimes place the pattern at 45 degrees to the edges to get more cuts per yard. Has anyone tried this? I have never seen PUL in person, so I don't know how stretchy it is -- the answer may be obvious once it arrives!
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(I hear you on the free/recycled/frugal diapering thing.
Mine didn't last like that either.)

I personally wouldn't cut on the bias. The poly PUL (usually the solid colours) does have a bit of stretch though not a ton. I'd try to keep the stretch in all my diaper layers going the same direction. Some do just plunk their pattern down however in order to get the most cuts out of a yard but I'd be too afraid. Hopefully someone else will weigh in with experience on the other side.
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I'm one who cuts PUL at random! IMO, it stretches both ways, and not by very much, so I haven't put much concern into which direction the fabric is laying. I just cut it to get the most out of a yard. With the VB AIO pattern, I've been able to get 2 larges, 2 mediums, 2 smalls & 1 newborn out of 1 yard of PUL cutting it this way. I'm making a lot of diapers, so it only made sense for me to cut it randomly. HTH!
I cut PUL however I can get it to fit. The 1mil stretches more than the 2mil but I don't think they stretch enough to really affect sizing if you cut randomly to maximize yardage. ymmv!
Stretch is good in a diaper IMO - If it stretches too much just add a crossover tab! Just means it will fit a larger range!

I cut all my diaper fabrics whichever way I get the most out of my fabric! By the time you mix the layers together, they usually cancel each other out anyway (you don't have to worry about PUL stretching if, for example, it's sandwiched with flannel not cut on the bias for the inner - the PUL will only be able to stretch as far as the flannel will!)
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for those of you cutting however you many larges could you get with one yard?
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