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Cycle question/Just stopped Yasmin

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I was on Yasmin for 3 months. Before the bcp I had approx 28 day cycles. On the bcp I had 21 day cycles. I had a normal period from 5-16 to 5-21. I had spotting for one day maybe a week later. I just had what seemed like another period from 6-3 to 6-6. Can stopping bcp induce a cycle so close to one that came on time? I forgot to take it for two days and then decided since we were going to ttc in August I'd just stop taking it. I think the last bcp I took was on 5-30 so 4 days later I had a cycle? Seems weird. Not sure what to think.

I have a history of anovulation and irregular cycles.
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That's pretty normal, stopping the pill will usually cause bleeding to start within a few days. Good luck!! I just came off Yasmin too (and had breakthrough bleeding at 17 days)
If you have a history of anovulation and irregular cycles, then yeah - your cycles are gonna be pretty missed up when you get off the pill. And will be for a while. The mot conservative estimate is a coupleof months, the longest one is 18 months.
This comes as no surprise at all given your past history. Even those who are more regular can be a bit irregular right after stopping bcp
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