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I went to the nurse practitioner today, and now have some questions about my cycle.<br><br>
Background: I'm nearly 14 mo pp, resumed my cycle about 6 mo pp. My periods have been fairly regular, 4 to 5 weeks apart, which is what they were pre-preg.<br><br>
4 weeks ago, I started a heavier-than-normal period. I also had more cramps than normal, my pants were tight, and I was a B!TCH! Pretty normal PMS (I guess), but I've never had PMS. Then, a week ago, I started bleeding again (so three weeks in between). This period is strange, too. It's pretty heavy, and for the last 3 or 4 days, I've only bled in the late morning/early afternoon. It's been "new" blood, too - not the usual end-of-period stuff.<br><br>
So, the nurse practitioner drew blood for a serum test. She's thinking maybe miscarriage (doing a quantitative analysis - right term? - to determine the levels. I should hear back on that later this week.<br><br>
Any other thoughts? At first, I chalked it all up to my body still adjusting to resuming my cycle, but it seems kind of late for that. I mean, for nearly eight months things have been regular and "normal" - it doesn't really make sense that suddenly I'd be out of whack. But it's possible.<br><br>
Also, depending on the results of the serum test, will they need to do another? Obviously, not if it's negative.<br><br>
Kinsey (the question lady today)
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