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cycle return? implantation bleeding? or possible miscarry?

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I am not sure where this post should go, but I wanted some help trying to figure out what was going on with my body.
Here is a little history.........
Close to a year ago I had my baby unassisted. Everything went great. We have been nursing this whole time although she has started solids over the past few months, but for the most part she still nurses pretty regularly.
So with all that being said, I had not had my period yet....which was different than normal (with my other 3 kids it came back (irregular) around 6-7 months). My dd is almost 11 months old and it had not returned. However towards the end of last year I started getting some pg symptoms. I was gaining weight, obviously no period and there were a few other symptoms too. Everyone thought I was pg again (just by my appearance). I decided to just wait it out and see what come of it (I am not an earlier tester). So I waited and waited, I did not find any signs of life inside of me and then I started losing a little weight a couple of month back. So I decided that I was not pg after all but that my mind or body was playing tricks on me. But I kept getting this idea, "maybe I was pg but miscarried". But I tried to convince myself that that was not the case. So then last week, it felt like my period was going to return soon. Then shortly after I started getting painful cramps. It did not seem like menstrual cramps (although I have not had a lot to compare with) but it seemed more like digestive issues. And sure enough I ended up having diarrhea. I felt sick but not nauseous, but I made myself throw up in case I had eating something bad. I felt better after a few days. I think that was just some sickness because my kids ended up with something similar a couple of days after me. But over the past week or so occasionally I would notice that when I wiped it had a tinge of pink/brown. So I kept thinking that my period was going to return. Then last night I noticed more than I had seen before. I was excited that finally I could know what was going on with my body. But since then there has not been anything a normal flow. Which I know it takes time for your normal flow to get regulated (I have not had a "normal" period in almost 6 years because my kids are so close in age and with nursing, by the time I have been done nursing in no time I was pg again). So I do not know what is up. Then I got to thinking maybe it is just implantation bleeding because a couple of days ago we did have unprotected sex. So now I have no clue what is up!!!! Any suggestions would be great!
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Moving to Fertility. Hope you get some helpful input
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OK since I have gotten no feed back, I think I am going to delete this thread

I think it is just my cycle return anyway. It has been continuously spotty since then.

I really don't know but I can tell you my experience. When my cycles started returning after DS I had various episodes of spotting like you described, then one really light period, more spotting, and didn't get my real period until 3 months after the really light one. So honestly I guess I wouldn't be too worried. IMO it sounds as if your body is trying to regulate itself and get started cycling again. HTH.
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I would think that if it was a miscarriage, there would be a lot more blood... and big clots, especially if you were that far along.
thanks for the input
I guess I should be excited because I am on my way back to a normal cycle.....and then when people ask if I am pg again....I can for sure say "nope"!
I think I would just take a home pregnancy test. That would give you the answer.
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