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Cyst--natural healing ideas for 18 m.o.???

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Today I took my 18 m.o. son, Camden to an eye doctor about a small lump he has between his eye and nose. The doctor says it is a cyst (not an eye sty). It is some sort of ball like mass under the skin and is protruding. He advised we go to a hospital to have a CT scan done to see how far back it goes. The bottom line is that the eye doctor says the only way to remove the cyst is by surgery.

I have been researching on-line and am not finding anything. I am going to pick up some books from the library to see what I can find. In the meantime, I would be eternally greatful if anyone here has any recommendations to try. I am going to do anything I can within my means to avoid putting my little guy thru surgery. This is really eating me up!!!

Thanks in advance for any ideas!!!

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My mother was advised to put a bay leaf over her cyst and it opened up and drained. Only problem was it came back after a period of years. She got rid of it on her constitutional homeopathic remedy. If you need resources for homeopathic practitioners, try
Thanks for the tip! I took ds to a chiro and he said it will heal on it's own as long as we keep his nervous systems healthy.
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