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d-mannose for bladder infection

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My 4 yo dd just had a symptomless bladder infection (except for peeing frequently), which we didn't discover until she had probably had it a couple weeks.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all that D-mannose was the thing that kicked it totally out of her bladder. We used herbs and homeopathy at first, which reduced the population of bacteria and helped her need to pee less, but it wasn't eliminating the infection after 5 days. So... I read about d-mannose in a thread about bladder infections in the pregnancy forum and voila! Today is day three and she is right as rain. Amazing!

Normally I am not into processed supplements, but this one seemed pretty innocent and it worked. And it's not antibiotics, which we dread. No ill effects, nothing I wouldn't take, not from some suspect chemical in a lab. And it's not an astringent or diuretic. From what I read, it works by getting e coli to latch on to it and then when it's flushed out of the bladder in the urine the bacteria go out, too. it doesn't kill the bacteria, it just escorts it right out the bladder.

Since I didn't see this discussed in this forum when I searched, I wanted to be sure the next person saw it. D-mannose is highly recommended by our family! [and no, I don't sell it
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I ditto this supplement. We have used it off and on for over a year.
Thank you very much for posting this information. I have a daughter-in-law who suffers from UTI frequently.

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