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Originally Posted by Frankly Speaking
I agree with everyone above. Circumcising to look like Dad is far, far more about the insecurities and comfort of the Dad than for the son. You would be amazed how many men don't have any idea if their Dads are circumcised or not. If it were such a major issue, every man would know his Dad's circumcision status.

As far as his brother goes, that may be a little more different but many years from now. That is because this issue is becoming more and more public. It is doing so at breakneck speed and sometime down the road, you may have to explain to him. You just tell him that you did what you were told to do and what was normal for his time. That's the truth. All he will have to do is look around to confirm it. While he may have regrets, it is highly doubtful that he will feel ill towards you.

Thank you for this Frank. I struggle with the fact that my two older boys are circ'd, while my youngest is not. This was a case of doing what I thought was best, but learning later that it was not

It is nice to hear a man's perspective on this, as I worry every day that my precious boys will be upset with me.
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