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dad on strike because of co-sleeping

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Wow, what a selfish jerk!
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and have you seen the petition and what people's comments are upon signing it? i had to stop reading, makes me want to puke. I would divorce him stat. LOO-ser!'s really hard for me to understand him...I always try and figure out where people's hearts are coming from in every situation...he must be hurting and lost...wierd.
O.K...I just showed my dh this and he's real mad!!!He say "what an a.&**%%^
and that she should get rid of the bleepin' unsupportive jerk"

That's why I love my dh.
I had to stop reading the comments too! It's too bad that he's not more supportive of meeting his children's needs while they are so young.
This one made me want to :puke

All I know is that children need to sleep in their own beds at night. It is very unhealthy for a child to sleep with his/her parents. Even if the child cries at night for a week straight they need to be in their own bed!!! I could go on forever about this but I dont have the time.
something tells me its not the kids being spioled but rather the "d"h that is!
how about THIS one "I am a mother of a 28 year old young man. I don't believe my son would be where he is right now, if I would have let him sleep with my husband and myself at 2 yrs of age. I know your wife loves them dearly, but in the long run, she is going to ruin them as adults. Love them always, but remember you have a husband who loves YOU also. "
i'm not a co-sleeper (we're all personal space freaks
) & i can't figure this guy out for one single minute!!!!
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He's having a big, grown-up TANTRUM, is what he's doing. He can't get his own way, so he's going to have a public tantrum and attract a whole lot of attention, and hope to embarass his wife into doing what he wants her to do.

My toddler is a master hand at this strategy. I find that ignoring it works really well.
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I wasn't going to click on the link. And then I did. Now I'm mad. What an idiot! I can't believe this guy is not only "going on strike" but also letting the whole world know about it, which imo is wrong. It is something him and his wife should work out alone, privately.

I'm SO GLAD my dh is wonderfully supportive of co-sleeping! And we agree wholeheartedly on every parenting decision so far. I can't imagine having a dh like that guy.
I live in MI and the local news was all over this story last night - it is so completely ridiculous - his kids are 2 months old and 2 years old! Not like they are 10 and 12 or something (not that it would be wrong to co-sleep then either) - but they are BABIES! And he is the one acting like a baby - I hope everyone ignores him and he can just stay up on his stupid roof forever...
sorry - just had to vent
- also - his wife was on a local talk radio show this morning and the host was asking her about meeting dh's "needs" in the bedroom and she said he gets his needs met quite a bit and should have nothing to complain about...
I just don't understand some peoples issues with sharing a bed, they forget to enjoy their children while they are little.

I just have to put my 2 cents in, and its probably going to sound like a babble. LOL

we tried getting Mikey in his own room, he just gets so scared when he wakes up, he loves being close to us.
He always has loved that from the day he was born, I have always been for co-sleeping, its something that was in my upbringing, my grandma co-slept with her kids, my mom with me, my aunts with their kids.
It comes natural.
When Mike was gone for a year(military), it helped mikey over his anxiety from daddy being away.
Its just something that isn't a issue in our home.
And trust me, he won't sleep in our bed till he is 16, I didn't, neither did my aunts.
One of my great memories was waking up to my mom, and us having a family bed. One of the great memories was waking up next to my grandma together with my cousin when we were little and I felt so safe. It made me feel safe. And eventually I WANTED to sleep in my own bed, and my own room.

Mikey feels safe waking up next to us, because I know its not a control thing, he CAN sleep on his own, I know this, but he feels safe with us.
And I ain't taking that feeling away from him.
One day he'll want to sleep in his own bed, and right now I am enjoying this precious time.

So anybody can continue telling me how unhealthy it is, and how crazy Mike & I are, but its our life, and its what works for us, and its precious, and wonderful.
And I am blessed to have a hubby who feels the SAME way, and has the same views as me on this.
God I love that man.
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If her dh is getting sex and still complaining about this, he's an even bigger jerk than I thought. I'm 8 months pp with baby number three, and sex is still an issue...not because of the family bed, but because of the pain

The comments on his blog actually made me even madder than his strike does. The usual "you'll never get them out of the bed", "they're being ruined", "how can children become independent" (good question, as a 3-month-old is certainly dependent on us for everything), etc., etc., etc. One woman asked if anybody knows how many children are killed by a parent rolling over on mention of SIDS, though.
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I left a message on his blog, because I cannot keep my mouth shut. LOL

I wrote:

Its always easy to blame the kids for a problem that is maybe all you.
Its always the kids who are the reason for adults to stop acting like adults.
Maybe look in the mirror and see the real honest truth, that maybe the problem is YOU and not your kids sleeping in the same room.
He and his wife were just on Mitch Album. Dh and I both tried to call in but they took only calls from people that said co sleeping was bad. One caller said she worked for EMS and were called often for people smothering their babies to death. One woman was a divorce attorney and said people get divorced over this issue alot. Oh, and my favorite line this guy had was "I married my wife not my kids" What a complete idiot. Sorry but this guy needs major help.
Oh see this is discussed here too. You want some different opinions? Check out Parents as Partners forum!

PS. I still say that what this guy is doing is trying to get out of his responsibilities by blaming anybody and anything - cosleeping, pacifiers, mess in the bedroom (he calls it a mess? He definately should come over to my house, LOL)

PPS. For those bloggers, and I posted it there too - my 18yo does NOT still sleep with me
For quite a few years actually...
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If he were my husband I'd move the rest of his stuff up to the roof.....then the kids and I could sleep in peace.
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I've decided the smartest thing that wife could do would be to change the locks while he is up on the gd roof.
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I love the person who said they hoped the roof caved in and dumped him back in the bed
ROFL. selfish idiot.
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR these people are SO stupid!!!! One woman touting that she's proud that she didn't "baby her daughter". Um...hello. You are supposed to BABY a BABY you idiot!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Here's what I wrote to him:

Let me preface this by saying that most of the comments on here are so sad.

Your wife is right on and you are being selfish! You cannot spoil a 2 month old baby for goodness sakes! Co sleeping is completely normal and natural! Your wife is following her instincts. GOOD FOR HER! Your children will grow out of the need for it..why not baby them while they are STILL BABIES? I'm now co sleeping with my third baby. My first 2 are ages 5 and 3 and they are now happily sleeping in their own rooms but they are more than welcome to sleep in our room if they want. Someone posted that your wife needs "help" or they see a divorce in your future. If anyone needs help it is you. You'd think that a father would want to love and nurture his children....not try to compete with them. Shame on you! Grow up!

~ A happy co-sleeping mama of 3 (and thank goodness my husband isn't a selfish nitwit like you).
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