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Daddy keeping older baby for first time

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Daddy is going to be keeping 3 and 1 year old (first time with 1 year old). That's a whole 'nother thread...Daddy has extreme AP desires for baby to have mama nearby, so this is first time he'll have baby. Good gracious!

Anyway, help me remember how the best way to do this. Should I nurse baby to sleep and try to be gone during his nap, or will the wake up part be the hardest part when I am not there? Or should I go later in the afternoon, after he has woken up rested from a nap and playing with big brother....

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anybody....need a quick answer:
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i would nurse to sleep and try to be gone during nap. if baby wakes up, daddy can help sooth and rock.
When dd was younger, I would try and leave during nap. She was always fine with dh or my mom when she woke up and could usually be rocked back to sleep (my dd naps, wakes and then nurses for an hour or so while sleeping.)
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