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Dagoba organic chocolate recall (Eclipse, Los Rios, Prima Materia)

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"In the course of recent testing, we learned that specific lots of three products - Eclipse 87%, Los Rios 68% and Prima Materia 100% - had lead levels exceeding Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines."

complete info at
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Oh that's awful. I haven't eaten that brand (or much choc. at all ) lately. Thanks for letting us know!
so, what if we already ate an entire bar? yowsa! this is bad news...
AAAGGGGGHHHHHH! I just ate a bar of Dagoba chocolate a few days ago!! I no longer have the wrapper. That's scary that a chocolate bar would have such a high lead content. Think they'd accept a recall after it's been eaten?!?!
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Thanks for the info

tara off to check which she has and pray it isn't one of the recalled ones I have been saving that bar for a special occasion
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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