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Dairy/egg/nut free cake recipe?

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I have found one online, but would like to consider more for an upcoming cake I wil be making. Anyone have any recipes? Do they taste good? Must be egg free, dairy free and nut free.

Also, any ideas for how to decorate it? What could I use on top instead of regular icing sugar stuff which contains egg so I can't use that....?
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I love this cake:

It turns out like a normal cake but even better- most vegan pastries I've tried are odd but not this one. I highly recommend it!

I double the recipe for a cake in a 9x11" pan. I use coffee instead of water (and I don't even like coffee- the taste bakes out but it's richer) and add a small amount of pure maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice but it's good without these additions too. I find it turns out better if you're generous with the wet ingredients and a bit stingy with the dry.

You can find vegan (egg free) frosting at the grocery store. Several brands/flavors are actually vegan.
if dairy, egg and nut are the only things you are avoiding, there are tons of fantastic vegan cake recipes out there that would fit the bill.

if i wasnt avoiding gluten and wheat, i would make these carrot cake cupcakes

there is also a chocolate cake recipe on that same site that is vegan from the moosewood cookbook, i think.

have fun!
Wacky cake fits that criteria. Delicious too. Google it - there's lots of it. It's chocolate, and very moist. Buttercream frosting is just shortening, powdered sugar, and a milk type substance (can use rice milk or coconut milk).
We love the vanilla cake recipe from Kathy's recipe box! I made them yesterday for a my DD to have to take a couple to a birthday party. DS (without food allergies) ate a half dozen while we were gone.
I never put egg or dairy in my icings. I can't find my recipe and this year I used cherrybrook kitchen icing mix (egg/dairy/nut free and doesn't call for adding any of those either). It does call for dairy free margarine (my son always tolerated ghee) but I used coconut oil in my icings prior and I'm sure that will work as a sub in recipes for you. If you don't like coconut taste in an icing use refined. I always thought the combo of coconut and chocolate was good.

I know that I'm not giving a recipe but I'm mostly replying to let you know that Tropical traditions is a nut free coconut oil--the only coconut oil that is nut free. Most rice milk is going to have nut cross contamination so call about shared equipment or make your own (I make my own rice milk). Be very careful with coconut products. I think every other coconut product outside of Tropical Traditions is heavily nut contaminated. I believe I called every company. You can make coconut milk w/their products too. Enjoy life foods sells nut free, dairy free, all top eight allergen free (plus sesame) chocolate chips. I couldn't find other nut and dairy free chocolate for my son.
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