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Dairy Elimination

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I'm elminiating dairy from my son's and my diet. I know it's probably a little different for everyone, but about how long does it usually take to clear the body of dairy?
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2-3 weeks
Thanks. And how long until I can consider my breast milk to be "dairy free". 2-3 weeks also?
For us it was 4 days. So yes, it is different for everyone.
It was just a few days for us. I'd think most people would see improvement within say a week? Maybe not all the improvement you're going to get, but some good changes, unless dairy isn't a problem OR another food or foods is still a problem and also needs to be removed before improvement can happen.
We saw no improvement pulling dairy the first time. He was reacting to other things we had to pull as well before we saw improvement. Then I trialed diary, it failed after a week of eating dairy, and it only took a couple days to see most of the improvements after we took it out again.
He's on day two and I'm on day one of our new (hopefully temporary) dairy free life, in addition to a low salicylate diet.

Wish us luck and thanks for all the feedback!!

I'm sure I'll be back with more questions next week
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