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So, my former 'non eating' child suddenly wants to eat anything and everything. He'll be 14 months on the 20th and lately he really would like to try my 4.5 year old's yogurt.<br><br>
I started letting him have tastes of yogurt a month or so ago, but I noticed that he got dry patches on his upper legs afterward. He hasn't officially been diagnosed with eczema, but his brother has a very mild case of it that usually only flares up in the winter months. I was told that his brother's is probably hereditary as his father and grandfather have it, but I had to eliminate dairy from my diet while he was a baby due to bloody stools, so I'm not so sure.<br><br>
So, the 'dry patches' could very well be eczema and they could be dairy related, but I don't know this for sure. My issue is that I have a hard time refusing him foods that he actually wants to try. He's growing and gaining weight well, but still only eats and enjoys a few solids. Dairy was a reflux trigger in him when he was smaller, so I eliminated that until he was 10 months old. Now it doesn't seem to bother him in my diet in moderation. I only consume dairy in moderation anyway, so that's not an issue.<br><br>
So, all of that to say, would you let him try the yogurt? He still nurses a ton and I won't be giving him actual cows milk for a good long while, if ever, but I feel differently about yogurt.
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