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Dallas Nurse In tomorrow, Saturday at 1 pm

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Tomorrow at 1 pm a group of us is going to hold a nurse in at

Gutmann's Home Furnishings
1311 Inwood Road
Dallas, TX 75247-6805
Tel: (214) 678-0250

A mother breastfeeding her 4 month old was asked to leave the store for nursing. The mom quoted TX law and police were called. The officer who showed up said he would have kicked her out for nursing if it was his store!!!!

The story was on Fox 4 news tonight and the owner would not talk to the news crew, and the officer is under review.
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omg I will SO be there!!!!!!

What a freaking IDIOT officer! I think I'll have to make a few calls...
GL! I'm going to post this somewhere for you- maybe you'll get another mom, who knows?
Wow! That's just awful. I'll be with you in spirit.
Is there ANY way the date could be changed? One day of notice is really hard to do. I have a party at my house at 1 and then a housewarming party afterward, so I can't make it tomorrow.

I did, however, call the number in the OP and I said, "Hi, my name is Lyndsey Lastname. I'm a breastfeeding mother and I would like to know if I would be welcome in your store. We are in the market for furniture and I cannot ever know when my child will be hungry, so I need to know if I am welcome in your store. Thanks."

Has the mother filed a complaint with Dallas PD against the officer? Did we know the officer's name?

I don't have any details about the officer but I would like to find out more. We will go ahead and meet as planned tomorrow. So sorry you can't make it. Depending on what happens with the police and the store owner perhaps there is some other way you can help? A blog? More advocacy?

I was getting to thinking how ridiculous it is that the news story says "Not enough people know about this law" - well since when is ignorance an excuse for breaking the law? We need penalties (civil and criminal) for this sort of discrimination / law breaking!!!!!!!!!!!

I am off to make some shirts for tomorrow.
Wow! it got as far as the police? That is crazy
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I'll try and be there. I just got this on another group I am on, I am glad someone already posted it.
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unfortunatly i just read this and my babe just laid down to nap. i hate to wake her up when she is sleeping so sweet. i will be near that store on monday. i might stop in and sit on some furniture and nurse just for some ongoing risidual support. what jerks!!
i printed out and laminated TX law on BF to carry with me. If anyone EVER messes with me or gives me a strange look, i just whip it out. my daughter is a very social nurser, so it is a little hard to be discreet and all. she wants to make sure everyone sees how sweet and happy she is with her milk!
For the love of God people they are just BOOBS! They don't shoot fire and cast spells on people. For cryin' out loud!!!
i don't know about yours....but mine shoot out magic faery dust!!

Originally Posted by maylanna
i don't know about yours....but mine shoot out magic faery dust!!
And in my case it's my magic vagina that casts spells, not my breasts!
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I really want to know how this went! I'm in CT, but will write a letter if you think it will help! (although they probably wouldn't care what a bf'ing mom from New England thinks..)
Any update???
I noticed that noone has posted an update. Or maybe they did and started a new thread? Anyway, I was there Saturday.
I brought my daughters, husband, and Dad along. I figure it's good to have men out there doing breastfeeding advocacy.

There were quite a few people who ended up showing up. I wish I had an accurate count, but there was so much coming and going that I don't really have a hard fast number. I'm sure someone else could correct me. I'd guess there were 30 - 50 people there. Between the kids, husbands, and extended family it was quite the crowd.

The store had asked for a representative from the DPD to be there. He was really friendly and just asked us to please hold our signs and not prop them on public property. Apparently the store owners had told him that it was fine for us to come and go inside the store all we wanted. I know at least one mother nursed her baby inside.

The store is sort of a strip-mall type of building, so there wasn't anywhere where a nursing mother could have gone to nurse her child without being in direct Texas sun. That in and of itself lends to the whole rediculousness (real word?) of the situation. Where did that store owner expect Amy to go to nurse her child? The street and sidewalk? A hot car? It just blows my mind.

We stayed for an hour, and then had to leave. Mainly because it was so hot. I have a couple pictures loaded at flickr if you wanted to see some shots of the day.

LMK if the link doesn't work and I'll change it.
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Originally Posted by Baby Hopes
The store had asked for a representative from the DPD to be there. He was really friendly and just asked us to please hold our signs and not prop them on public property.
Because they were worried about those mad breastfeeders becoming violent?

I'm sorry I missed it. Looks like it was a good turnout! I hope they change the way they deal with this in the future.
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I'm tellin' ya, breasts shoot fire and cast spells!
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