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Damnit. Baby girl is breech.

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For some reason people are not understanding why that fact might make me cry.
"Well you are old..."
"What's wrong with having a c-section?"
"At leasrt you'll know when the baby is coming."

Could some one just say, "I understand" and give me some ideas to get Miss Lili to turn? I really, really wanted a natural childbirth for my last baby
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Well I'm sorry I don't have any advice since this is my first time; but I think you still have time. Don't you?
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I currently have my second breech, which is roughly the obstetrical equivalent of lightning striking twice. Last time I had a failed version, did breech tilt for weeks, turned somersaults underwater, did pretty much anything anyone told me might help. This time I'm trying acupuncture/moxibustion early (32 weeks) in the hopes Ican get her to turn before she's wedged in (which happened with my son -- our OB, who is about 197 years old and has been doing both breech vag births and versions since before I was born, said he'd never come across a baby so wedged in).

Something interesting I've been wondering about is congenital hip dysplasia. It's more common in breech babies (and in girls), but no one seems to know if breech babies have CHD because of the breech, or if they're breech because they have CHD. My previous breech did have CHD, as did I (and I was breech) , so I wonder.

Good luck with your baby turning. The idea of another section for something like presentation is so hard for me to fathom, since I've successfully avoided preeclampsia this time and was ready to have my VBAC. I wish you much flippin' baby luck!
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Two things my yoga instructor recommends are:
Get on your hands and knees and do some pelvic rocks. This creates some space for your baby to turn.
On your knees, step one foot out at a 45 degree angle in a kneeling lunge. This also creates some space for the kiddo to get turned around.
Additionally, remember that the head is the heaviest part of the body. Try sitting on a birth ball or tailor sitting to keep your uterus tilted forward to encourage proper positioning.
I also hear a lot of good reviews about chiros helping turn a baby.
Oh, I so strongly recommend going to a chiro who is trained in the Webster Technique. It has a success rate of 90+% in turning babies. I got it done and after each session he would try to turn. A few hours after the 4th session, he turned for the first time in my whole pregnancy at 36 weeks. (This was my second).
My MidWife has said to me that if you lie tummy down in the pool with your hands holding onto the side and with your head out of the water it will turn the baby. Good Luck, I hope she turns for you
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if you're into it, you could also try moxibustion. my bradley teacher was telling us about this.
I don't understand bc I've never (so far) had to deal with a breech baby, but I did want to offer a hug and send you *turn baby* vibes. Hopefully one of the methods one of the other girls have posted will help you.
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A friend's baby was breech and this is what she did:

- Keep your hips elevated at least 12-15 inches off the floor for ten to fifteen minutes at a time, several times a day

- Do pelvic tilts (on hands and knees, only leaning down on elbows, tilting hips upwards) for five to fifteen minutes at a time, several times a day

- Playing soothing music (via headphones) near your pelvis to lure baby down

- Playing obnoxious/loud music near baby's head to encourage it to move away (down)

- Swim to the bottom of a pool and remain there head down as long as possible, in the hopes that the weightlessness sensation the water provides and not having gravity pushing on baby will coax it to move around a bit

Also, check out
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When do you think it is too early or too late to try all of these techniques? My babe is transverse at 31 weeks. He moves around but seems to return to his preferred position with his head right to the left of my belly button. I'm trying to figure out if I should just leave him alone or start trying things before it's too late. My one M/W said not to worry until 34 weeks but I feel like if there was something I could do now that wouldn't hurt, then why not. But maybe it's not necessary and I'm just stressing myself out for no reason. Especially because he is transverse, it seems like he could go either way. I don't want to do something to "scare" him into the other direction either. I'm really at a loss and definitely worried.
When are you due? You've still got plenty of time for the baby to turn naturally! However, there is a chiropractic adjustment/procedure called The Webster Technique that is over 90% effective in turning a baby naturally! If you want a referral to a chiropractor in your area who can adjust you using the Webster Technique (it feels like a normal adjustment, it won't hurt or bother you), just PM me! I'm a chiro who is certified in the technique so I can find one of my colleagues in your area.

But really, you still have time if your'e due in October. Don't let them push you into a c-section this early on! But anytime after 7 months, you can start to use Webster Technique.
All of the suggestions above are great, but also I've heard that hypnosis has really great results for turning breech babies too. sells a hypnosis cd to turn breech babies. And, you still have plenty of time for baby to turn! AND, a breech baby doesn't automatically mean a c-section-- you should still be able to have it vaginally.
ITA with the person who said you have PLENTY of time!! Please don't give up yet. It's not good for you to give up so early on and stop trusting your body and your baby...
I am doing the moxibustion treatment to get my twins to turn, and it definitely makes them move. It is better to start this sooner rather than later because it may take a while to work. Best of luck to you. Here's wishing all of us {{{{{head down vibes}}}}} and healthy babies.
I agree with the ladies who are saying its still early, your baby has lots of time to turn. I highly recommend chiropractic and checking out They have a link to a another website from some canadian midwives with a bunch of breech info.
Question, is there no doctor/midwife in your area who will deliver a breech baby vaginally?? This whole "creating fear in a breech mother" thing is sooo frustrating!! Remeber, breech is just of variation of normal. The only reason doc's are so freaked is because we live in a law suit world and they are to paranoid to trust women, thus all the "standard" procedures they're always putting every pregnant mama through!! Ina may gaskin has a great video of breech vaginal deliveries, maybe you could hunt it down.

Originally Posted by Caitlin320
AND, a breech baby doesn't automatically mean a c-section-- you should still be able to have it vaginally.
There is at least one OB in Louisville who delivers breech. I am sure there are others, but he is known in the doula community as THE person to call if a mom is getting the breech=c-section run around. Check with a few of the doulas in your area if you need help finding a provider who will help you deliver vaginally even if the kiddo won't turn.

BTW, I LOVE Ina May's book...she's got videos too? Cool!
My baby was breech at 31 weeks and just flipped and now is heads down at almost 33 weeks. More than likely you have the time to get this baby turned over. GL
i'm 30w4d and my girl went from transverse to oblique.
What is oblique?

The Fetal Lie

This term refers to the position of the baby's spine relative to the mother's. For a "normal" fetal lie, the baby's spine must be in the same direction as the mother's. This is also called a "cephalic" lie. If it is at an angle to the mother's spine, it is said to have an "oblique lie." If it is completely transverse to the mother's spine (90 degree angle), it is said to have a "transverse lie."

The main danger that a transverse or oblique lie presents is the fact that there is nothing blocking the birth canal when the mother's water breaks. If it does, there is a danger that the umbilical cord can exit the birth canal, depriving the baby of blood and oxygen, potentially causing organ, tissue, or brain damage. This occurrence is known as cord prolapse. It is especially likely with a transverse lie.

A transverse or oblique lie occurs in approximately 1 in 300 births. Odds are increased if the birth is premature.
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