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Damp Used Diapers

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Has anyone ever bought diapers used off the TP or the Pin and they come damp and musty in the package? This happens to me about 50% of the time. It seems like a lot of people are not drying their diapers thoroughly. I wonder if this is contributing to stink issues a lot people seem to have. A damp diaper is definately a breeding ground for bacteria. And bacteria will cause stink.
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Ewwwwwwwwww. That's scary!!!

Sounds like they were trying to get one more washing in before shipping out!
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I've not had that happen, Thanks Goodness!!!

Ewwwww!!! That's never happened to me, but can I make a suggestion? A lot of things can happen while the diaper is en route. I've heard of diapers arriving reeking of cig smoke when they have come from a smoke free home. Is it possible they're not packaged well enough and moisture is leaking in? And, since it's happening so often to you, I wouldn't automatically assume it was something the seller is doing. It just seems a little odd that half of everything you buy is arriving damp. Are you letting them know about it when you get a damp and musty dipe?
It could just be the humidity during shipping at this time of year
Were they in plastic mailers? Maybe it rained the day thay shipped the diapers out. I've heard this happen before, but with brand new diapers!
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I had someone ship me a wet wool soaker that by the time it made accross the country it was molded. So yeah it has happend here too
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I had one that smelled a little musty once - but I figured it had more to do with all the humid weather, though it could have been a touch damp when mailed. I know with the things I have sold or swapped, that I almost always have them washed and no longer used before I listed even them. I think there was only on fuzzi bunz that became part of a deal at the last minute and washed the night before.
I bet it is the weather or the way it was packaged.
funny, it's been so rainy and damp here that this morning I put the diapers that I was about to ship into the dryer for a while so that they wouldn't be nasty when they got to their destination.

but I have had some terrible things happen to wool en route, you never know what they're exposed to so it may not be the mamas fault.
You think that is bad, someone sent me what was suppose to be a new bib with food and mould all over it. I was not happy.
Yes, I've had this happen to me before with new and used diapers & with clothing. I do agree that it's not necessarily been packaged damp...but rather something to do with shipping conditions.
I've only had that happen once, with a brand new diaper. It was packaged in a plastic bag inside a priority envelope, and I'd let it sit in the mailbox all day in the heat. So I'd guess it's not usually the sender's fault.
yeah, thats one of the reasons i dont like those drawstring plastic bags.... if you are shipping to or from or through a humid area... somehow the diaper can absorb moisture and ick! It happens without the drawstring plastic bags too, but it doesnt seem to be as often ......
That's interesting. It does seem like the ones sent in plastic are more moist than the ones sent in plain paper. I bet it does have to do with humidity during shipping.
Just about every dipe wrapped in plastic (new and used) that I've gotten in the past month or so has been like that, but being that I live in southern FL I'm pretty sure it's just the heat and humidity.

Shucks. and I was JUST getting over my fear of buying used, pre-pooped diapers.

Originally Posted by DreamingMama
You think that is bad, someone sent me what was suppose to be a new bib with food and mould all over it. I was not happy.

I have never had a problem.....but I have only recieved dipes in the winter season.
I don't pull the drawstring on the bag all the way closed, I hope that allows the diapers to "breathe". It's on the humid side here, though not terribly so yet. Maybe I'll switch to something else for the summer. But if tissue paper gets wet it could bleed, but white is so boring lol.
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