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Dancing Rain doll kit

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I got my kit in the mail today for the 16 inch friendship doll. I am so excited to start
but there is no directions in the box with the wool and the rest of the kit. I emailed but want to start right away. Any advice on where to start?? I bought a pre made head and presewn body
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Check your email or the order. You can download the pattern with your order confirmation, AND she sends you a separate email with the pattern. If you ordered the pre-made head and sewn body, it should go together pretty quickly. Good luck! It is so fun making one of her kits!!!! I got sad when I finished my first doll. I think I need to make one for me just to get a chance to make another!
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yep, the directions are sent as an attachment PDF file in email after your order is confirmed and before they even ship the box. I read over my directions a zillion times before my kit arrived

check your email box, I bet its there.

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Not in my email hmmm! Is there a way I can download it form the website??
she just emailed it to me YAY!!!!!
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