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Darling Diapers is stocked!

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Just an FYI for Darling Diapers fans like me.
Amber just stocked the store with a bunch of medium front snap diapers (adjustable rise). There's a little bit of everything--hemp, sherpa, velour, BOY prints. And for those who were concerned about design changes, breathe easy. She ended up only making some minor adjustments to the snap in soaker--no more snap to hold the trifold together and one set of snaps instead of two. There are now two sets in the body itself. The snaps are also set farther apart so you could even snap them into the front when it is folded down for the smaller rise.

I picked up a couple of hemp and sherpa dipes--I just love those sherpa colors. Head over before I'm tempted to buy more!

Edited to add the link. D'oh!
Darling Diapers
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Those sherpa ones are so cute! And I LOVE the lizards print! I need large though dang-it! Not that I need to be buying diapers this week - so maybe it's a good thing!
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These are cute! I'll have to show dh the lizard and sports ones. Too cute! I'd never seen the Darling Diapers before, thanks for posting the link!
Thanks for the tip! I LOVE Amber's dipes and was so sad when she said she was selling her business.

I ran right over to her site and bought one of the seamist sherpa ones and some more wipes! Of course, I need another diaper like a hole in the head, but it's a special occasion!
Darn you! I ordered more DARLING stuff! I'm in
with her AIOs, and she's not planning to make any more for her store, so I got the last medium AIO and a few other things.
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