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OK, so I got it to print out full size instead of 50% smaller, but I have some questions:

1- I assume it's an internal soaker? I'd think new mamas are too busy to stuff their fluff..
2- The soaker looks like it goes under the 2nd row of snaps. Do I make them hidden snaps to do this? I assume I don't try to apply them through the soaker.
3- How many layers of hemp jersey does a NB soaker need? I have a nice soft knit for the outer, 1 layer of jersey hidden, the soaker and velour for the inner. I was thinking 2-3 layers of jersey for the soaker, is that enough? (I didn't CD my newborns so I have no idea...)


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Here is how I do it.. since the snaps are down low, you can make them "hidden" by putting them through your outer and hidden layer before you assemble the diaper. Then, sew your soaker onto the wrong side of the inner layer.


the way I like best, because it dries a bit faster.. is finish the soaker so it's nice and pretty, then, sew it onto the inside layer of the diaper on the RIGHT side (you might also want to go through the hidden layer for stability) but only go down the center with a zz or 3 step zz stitch. This leaves the sides of the soaker free so it dries faster and can wash cleaner. But the key here is this.. sew from the top back of the soaker to about 1.5 inches from the very front. It won't be too floppy and it'll leave you room to lift the soaker when you apply the snaps to the finished diaper.

As for soaker thickness... I'd go with at least four layers of hemp jersey or two layers of hemp fleece. I make mine with a layer of sherpa or hemp outer, sherpa or hemp inner, and the soaker is three alyers of sherpa or hemp fleece. It doesn't seem to be too thick.. no thicker than a kissaluvs. I like the sherap better because it's not so stiff and dense .. but if you use sherpa with poly in it, you'll really want to use three layers in the soaker. For the first few days, they don't pee heavy.. but after that, lots of babies can really wet big. I figure my neice took an 8 oz. bottom at three weeks.. that's gonna be one big pee
.. harder to tell how much they are getting if they are BF but to be on the safe side

Also wanted to mention that I have good luck with using five snaps on each row (center snap and then two on either side by skipping a snap so they are farther apart) but you have less adjustability that way.

Oh.. and if anyone needs the pattern with a printing size test square, I have that done.

That's now I do it anyway.. but that doesn't mean it can't be done differently. Heck, a kissaluvs has the snap going through the soaker. But you'd have to have mega long prong snaps to do that
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