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Date for Long Island, NY Diaper Party

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Hi LI Mamas!

Since we've decided to wait for sophiasmama until late July or early August, I figured I'd start a new thread to decide on the date. How is Monday, August 2nd?

And we need to decide on a place......
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Hi LI area mamas! Do we want to have this diaper party??? If so, we need to pick a date and place. How is Mon. August 2nd for everyone. And where do we want to meet?

Here's who I currently have on the list based on the previous email.

Sophiasmomma - what is your first name BTW?
Dana (Danahen)
Meg (jmunch)
Me (Susan_McCormack)
Carrie (gardenmom)
Sue Ann (suearoo22)

And I noticed that bobica doesn't live very far either - I'll PM her.

Looking forward to meeting all of you!!!!
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Diaper party?! Can you fill me in!

I'm in Babylon & would be interested in a get-together.
IM Shelly by the way! August 2nd sounds good to me!
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Hi all! I don't live too far, but can't do mondays/wednesdays (work). have fun
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Hi Gwen! Please join us! We're trying to come up with a date and time
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We are free most days until September so any day should be fine for us. Let me know.

Originally Posted by bu's mama
What exactly is a diaper party?
From what I understand (as I've never been to one myself) mamas get together and show each other their favorite dipes and talk about CD's. (Does that sound right to everyone else????)
Does anyone have any suggestions for a place?? My DH works nights and sleeps during the day so unfortunately I can't have it at my house. Do you think it would be weird if we bring our dipes to a public place? Like a mall food court or something?

I just got a reply from Meg and she's in
Who else can make it on Aug 2nd?
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I have a luncheon on August 2 from 12-3, but any time before or after is ok. My stash is somewhat boring - bummis & cpfs, maybe I'll have to get something for a big party like this
... and I'm always up for meeting other people IRL that use cloth.

I'd offer my house, but we're not very baby-proofed. We just moved in last winter & there' still boxes & stuff to get into. A public place would be good - maybe a park so the kids can run & play a bit?
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I have a very boring stash here too, we use Fuzzi Bunz. I plan on trying out wool when we get back from our vacation to Disney World in Spetember, but all my money is going towards that right now.
Hi Gwen, welcome--hi all! I'm still interested...but we're away and will have to check our calendar when we return next week.

I'm going to post a link to this over at the Long Island Mama's thread...just in case anyone else is interested.
I'm definitely interested.
I followed this link from the LI Mamas board (thanks Carrie!
I'm pretty boring myself.....we use Fuzzi Bunz.

Emerson Sage May 18th, 2004
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We use Motherease. Although I am waiting until my little Victoria can fit in them better. Depending on the day, maybe we'll be there!
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