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Daughter donates milk to help her father fight cancer

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Horrible, misleading title for the article, but a pretty cool story.
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Yeah the title is BAD!!! but the story is good!
What a badly chosen title, indeed! But very nice story.
My mom was just telling me this! We also think its very neat. My grandmother and Aunt on the other hand thinks its "disgusting"! Why would anyone think that? My mom just told them "you drink cows milk but you wouldnt drink another humans??" I think alot of people just does not understand how important breastmilk is and how it is not "disgusting".
Honestly, I've wondered about this before. It seems to me that with all the digestive benefits alone, bm would be a good thing for anyone who is sick. I would totally express for someone who thought it would help them (I'm thinking mostly family or close friends, not a lemonade stand or anything
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I think that is awesome!

The comments are something to be desired!
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