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Davis farmland coupons or discounts????

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Just wondering if anyone has seen any coupons or discount passes in any magazines (Todays Parent or similar type mags) or local stores for Davis farmland? The kids want to go there next week on their school break (we haven't been there in a few years but I remember it being pricey). I'm not even sure they do coupons... I've never seen any but you never know. TIA
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Hi! I haven't seen any coupons, but most libraries have discounted passes. They might be all reserved for next week by now though. I also know that if you can get a group together they offer a discount - I don't know how many people you have to have but the info is on their website. Have fun!
Last time I checked the Worc Public Library didn't have passes for them.... they don't open until 4/21 anyways... Friday of vacation, so maybe we'll go to a zoo instead..... off to google Southwicks
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I thought it opened this week...maybe THursday? Just thru the grapevine
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Last year a fabulous mom sent me a coupon for Davis Farmland - I think it was in an entertainment book that she had. You could post a wanted on craigslist or freecycle if no one here has one. I can't wait to take the kids this year!

Take care,
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