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Day 2- no stool. should I worry?

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Hey mamas,

My son was born on Monday April 13. He had a lot of pees and poops initially. He's been a sleepy one, but BFing on a regular basis (at least every 3 hours. more like 2). When he does, it was for 10-20 mins. Occasionally he would only nurse for 10 mins. and fall asleep, but I didn't push it too much.

Now (Day 2) he's clearly hungry. I hear his stomach growling, and he's nursing a lot more. I know my milk will come in, don't need to supplement, all that stuff. But I'm concerned that he hasn't pooped at all today. Should I be?

It makes sense that there is not a lot for him to be voiding right now, but its OK right?

My discharge paperwork from the hospital says I should expect between 1-10 poops a day, occasionally skipping a day. I take him to the pediatrician tomorrow. Should I just consider this a "skipped day"? Dr. Sears says its rare for them to skip days until 2 months or more.

Don't want to be a nervous nelly, but DD didn't do this. Don't want to ignore it if it needs attention.

Please share any thoughts/insights you may have so I can sleep a bit tonight

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