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I havn't been involved in a parent-run co-op. But our DS attends a co-op child care center. Each parent is the assistant teacher twice a month. I really love it because the parents really get to know all of the teachers and the children. As a result, we all feel like it is also an extension of our home, we better understand our child's day and are more sympathetic with the demands on our child's teachers. So I'm a big supporter of co-oping in general.

It sounds like you're wanting to start a co-op where parents take turns providing the child care. Some parents in our neighborhood started that and they used the neigbhorhood association's email list serve as the means for gathering the group. I don't know how succesful they were, though. I found this website once, when I was looking for information about co-op child care centers. It has information about all types of co-op child care situations.

Good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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