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Okay, DS and DD have been in this family daycare for a while. We put them in it because DP and I were working and we needed one that would take them during the hours both of us were working. Then I got fired and ended up in a training program for a month. Less hours of daycare for the kids though.<br><br>
Last week, because the kids were "sick" I had to skip a day of training. I've since dropped out of training because of problems with the facilitators and two of the other women.<br><br>
A couple of nights ago, I took DD in to the clinic because she had a "weird" cough. Doc said it was viral and to keep her out of daycare. So I decided to keep both out yesterday and today.<br><br>
Yesterday, I was in the crapper (cause nature bellows for me) and I heard DS hitting DD outside the door and saying stuff like "Don't tell!" and "Dummy (dd's name)" over and over again. This went on the entire time I was in there and in fact, I stayed in there just to listen to this.<br><br>
I'm horrified. I don't think its the daycare woman, but her husband saying this to DS. He's far too rough with him when I have seen him deal with DS.<br><br>
I don't know if I should confront them or what. I know that there have been many times where both DS and DD had been in dirty diapers for hours there. I wish I had been journalling what was going on. Then I could see if there was a trend.<br><br>
But I'm not letting them go back there. No way. I was going to brainstorm with my social worker if he gets back to me yesterday. He didn't so I had a chat with DP about it. He thinks DS picked it up from Huey when we were living there because she was calling Duey a dummy and ordering him not to tell on multiple occasions because of stuff they were doing in that room of theirs.<br><br>
Yeah, red flags galore. WTF? <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="angry"> I am emotionally ill.
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