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daycare provider urgently needed in San Jose, CA area

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I am a single mother and I desperately need some daycare in the San Jose, CA area. My provider quit on my a week ago. I need someone full time for this week and then 2x a week after that for the next month. I have no idea what to do. I have nowhere to turn and my child is not fully potty trained or else I would take him to a church (or other religious gp) organization.

Please help.
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Try posting in Finding your Tribe. Someone there might be able to help you out.

Good luck!
Don't know if this exists for your area, but you could try It's a website with lots of sitters posting their availability. You can find out a lot about the person and hopefully find someone who would work out for a week.

Perhaps also try a student nearby? Someone who just finished the semester at Stanford? Or another college?

good luck...child care is SUCH a challenge,
Kids Park has a couple locations in San Jose- It is drop-in daycare that you pay for by the hour.
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