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I do home daycare too right now. I watch 5 full time (including my one ds) and one part time for a total of 6 kids 3 days a week (5 kids the other two days). I live in a 2 bedroom 2 bath house with a walk out lower level. The lower level is where I do "daycare" I have it set up kind of like a center with "centers" (house area, book area, block area etc) We play down there most of the day but some upstairs for breakfast and lunch and any kitchen projects. I love having it set up like this because the mess stays downstaris. They have a HUGE playroom that holds a TON of toys (all organized in centers) and they very rarely get bored. The lower level walks out to a driveway for riding trikes around and then a pretty big yard for running around, "mowing the lawn" picking flowers and so on... If I move ever (We rent here) I will definately pick out a house similair in structure to this one with an entire "level" of the house dedicated to daycare.
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