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Daytime nursing issues

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My DD is 6 months old. We introduced cereal in the evenings about 4 weeks ago and last week introduced cereal in the morning. Last week we also introduced a veggie with the evening cereal.

BUT this week she is not nursing well during the day - she only nurses well first thing in the morning, right before bed, or the middle of the night.

I dont' know if its related to the food, to teething, or to being distracted. Today (at noon) she nursed for about 3 minutes on one side and then didn't want anything to do with me. She nursed well at 6:30a, had cereal at 9a and then slept through her morning bottle time .... HELP!
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Drop the cereal. It is much more important that she nurse. Cereal has almost no nutritional content.

Get rid of the cereal and veg. Sounds like too much for her gi system to handle too young. She is being filled up with practically empty calories (cereal) and fiber (veg). Her nursing will pick back up. She does not need "solids" at this age, and she is letting you know by dropping feedings.

ps - her "morning bottle time"??? why is she getting a bottle when you refer to her nursing (i assumed at the breast earlier).
Hi...I agree with the other mamas too. My ds is the same age as your babe, and he still exclusively nurses. Mary
don't get me wrong, i'm breastfeeding's biggest advocate. but my son started wanting solids at 4 months (something that almost devastated me at first), and though he still breastfeeds through the night and about 5 times a day, he also asks for solid food (especially when we're also eating). babies are social beings and like to imitate who they're around. perhaps you could reduce the amount that she eats if you're worried. i also had a couple of days where i worried that my son was weaning himself too early, but then the next day he would reject all solid food and only want to nurse. our babies are led by instinct, and i don't think they will willingly wean themselves too early. try offering the breast first, and if she refuses, then give her solid food (this is what i do with my son). don't worry too much, i'd bet my left breast that your baby will continue to insist on nursing for a long time to come. : )
I can't disagree more. A 6 month old nursing only a couple times a day is NOT normal. Get rid of the solids. There is just no reason for it at 5 months (when the cereal was introduced) or now. A 6 month old should be nursing way more than this. Mama's milk is the optimal food at this point, and baby is definitely not getting enough of it with only 2 good feeds at the breast in a 24 hour period.
i also think a 6 month old going almost 6 hours without nursing is not normal or optimal, and would be as worried as the op were it my child. nothing wrong with solids but at this point for the op's dc, nursing should be the main source of food. the rice cereal is only taking up room. Mary
I also think that not nursing is worriesome and I would take the solids out if I were you. Cereals, though very popular, are not really a great choice for babies. The grains are hard for them to digest or they are so refined that they lack nutrition totally.

If you'd like to continue with solids I would just do nutrient dense veggies such as sweet potatoes or avacado. Depending on your feelings about it you could also do egg yolk (NOT egg white).

I would just ditch the cereal, though.
I really appreciate all the great feedback!

Dove wroteps - her "morning bottle time"??? why is she getting a bottle when you refer to her nursing (i assumed at the breast earlier).

DD is in daycare during the day so she typically takes a bottle of breast milk mid-morning and mid afternoon and then I go in at noon to breastfeed. So unless she doesn't take a bottle in the mid-morning at daycare she is only going 3 hours (max) between breast milk feedings.

I am going to watch the cereal and veggies and maybe cut back on the amount. DD is, like sunnymommy's DS, very social and very interested in EVERYTHING around her. This weekend we'll be attached at the hip (as usual when I'm not at work) and hopefully we'll get back on track!

Thanks again!
I was trying to get a feel for how she is fed/if there is a nipple confusion/preference issue. Thanks for the clarification. Truly I would do more than just cut down "a little" on the food - it's up to you, but right now she is not getting what she needs nutritionally is she continues like you described in your orig. post. good luck!
eta: while she may be very social, that is not necessarily your only cue as to how/what to feed her. If she wants to be involved and you feel bad leaving her out, so to speak, then just give her a glob of something more nutrient dense to play with (like mashed organic avocado) that way if some ends up in her mouth, she is getting sopme nutrients and good fats...
although i've been mixing cereal with breast milk, i will cut back (or cut it out if that doesn't seem to be effective). i like the idea of giving her something nutritionally dense to play with while DH and I are eating .... will try it tonight. thank you!
i think that babies who are fed (vs self feeding) solids tend to get too much solid food. plus they're not really learning anything.

try giving her small chunks of food infront of her instead. she will have so much more fun, learn more, and only eat the amount she should be eating so there's more room for breastmilk.
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