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Dayton - Help!!

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My husband is being transferred with his job, to one of three cities - Indianapolis, Columbus, or Dayton. I've done a lot of research on the first two cities, and am comfortable with them. I don't know much about Dayton, though. Help!

Can anyone tell me a little about it? I'm in my twenties, married, and no kids yet. I'm not super-crunchy, but not mainstream, either. How is the access to natural foods stores? Interesting restaurants and events? Independent movie theaters? Ability to meet people in their twenties and thirties and make friends? How "conservative" is it? I'm a liberal, but I have friends across the political spectrum, so I'm pretty comfortable in a wide variety of areas, as long as I can find some people with similar views to talk about political stuff! I plan to TTC soon-ish after the move. Are the good homebirth providers, or natural-birth friendly hospitals?

I know that's a lot, but also any advice on neighborhoods or suburbs would be wonderful. I'd love to live somewhere safe, good for kids, maybe with older homes and trees. I'm not comfortable in a place that's too crowded, too noisy, or has a lot of crime. I'm not a super-urban person, but I also don't really like identical tract housing in the exurbs. How is the cost of living/housing? I heard its lower than here (Minneapolis) - we'd want to rent a townhouse or house for the first year (for under 1100/month, pref. much lower), then buy a home (for under 150k). Is this reasonable for a decent area?

Thanks and I'll keep you posted - we'll be moving in August or September, and should hear WHERE in a few weeks.
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I am in the Dayton area, it is pretty conservative her, Columbus is a bit more liberal, I went to college in Columbus and Loved it! Wild Oats for shopping, good malls, COSI, ZOO, LOTS to do. We drive up there about 2x's a month. It is a great town for a young family. Try Dublin, Worthington, Hilliard areas
Good luck on the move, we just moved back here from Portland Oregon.
Dayton is pretty conservative, but there are droves of lll mommas and health food stores aplenty, a few good restaraunts, more in easily accessible surrounding areas. 2 independent movie theatres,plenty of events for small children in the metroparks and libraries, plenty of festivals, and lots of cool places out of town lol. Not many homebirth choices, but there are a few, and only one birthing center worth mentioning, but it is a very nice one, houses are reasonable, and there are neighborhoods to fit any budget, in my area which is a middle type houses go for about 70K, rentwill cost you more than buying, at least 900 for a house around here.
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