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Here is an email I received from a list I'm on:

For those of you who are pregnant and looking for great midwives or are interested in midwifery and/or birth centers, here is a great chance to check out the Family Health and Birth Center in Northeast DC. There will be an open house this Thursday, June 16th from 11:00 A until 12:30 P. The birth center is located at 801 17th Street, NE 20002 across from the Hechinger Mall at the intersection of Benning and Bladensburg Roads. Please pass this on since many folks don't even know we're here! It's where I birthed my daughter, Aliya, in 2002 and now work as a birth assistant. Our midwives catch babies at the birth center and Washington Hospital Center. Check out the attached flyer for more info. Please contact me if you have any other questions.
I hope to see you there.

The flyer's info:
We are holding an Open House and have invited you, the press, community health advocates and others who are interested in the pioneering work of this 5 year old inner city birth center founded by Ruth Lubic.

Take the Metro to Union Station and then get a cab to:
DC Birth Center at 801 17th Street NE and Benning Road.

There will be a workshop for paid registrants from 1:30 -5:00 following the open house.
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