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My DH dropped dd off at daycare yesterday and mentioned that one of DCP children was home from school, having vomited the night before (but not since). I was not too concerned, because I figured he would be segregated from the other children. However, when we went to pick her up, he was running around amidst all the other children, saying "I just barfed three times" over and over, and demanding more ginger ale. Though he didn't appear ill (what with all the running around and jumping and all) I was not pleased to see him among all the other kids, potentially spreading this around (and we just had a case of the pukies go through our family Thanksgiving week, so I really don't want to have it again!)
I didn't say anything at the time, but I would personally like to have been told before drop off time that there was a child home sick, so I could make the decision to send dd or not. And I though I really don't mind if he's there, I would have like to have seen him restricted to an area that the other children don't have access to.
Due to a job change at the first of the year, we will no longer be using daycare. But I still wonder if I should say something along the lines of "if K or R (her kids) are sick, please let us know, we will keep Ella home." Both my husband and I have schedules that would allow for us to stay home, and I'd rather take one vacation day than have all of us end up sick and taking multiple sick days. I don't mind runny noses so much, kids will get those regardless, but the vomiting I would much rather avoid. So should I say something, or am I overreacting?
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