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DCP left him in a poopy diaper!

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This is just a vent. I only leave ds in childcare on Tuesday mornings for 2 hours while I work a Weight Watchers meeting in the same building. The childcare room is part of a fitness center.

For the most part, I like the childcare worker. She interacts with the kids and gives me an update on how his morning went when I pick him up. Ds likes it there, and is excited to go.

This morning, however, the childcare worker was 5 minutes late arriving. Which means I was 5 minutes late for my work. And we had talked about my close schedule last week. The childcare center opens right at the time when I need to be upstairs, so I get there early to feed ds his breakfast and get him settled in the room.

Then when I come back, the whole room reeks of poop. While I was signing ds out from across the room, I asked her if ds had filled a diaper that morning. She answered in a defensive tone, "I wouldn't know. I had six boys in here and couldn't check him."

Not only was he poopy, it was a huge mess. The poop had settled under the diaper and had seeped out of the cover onto his leg. It was dried on his legs. It took me 10 minutes to get him cleaned up. While I was working on that, she left the room to take the other toddler on a walk around the building.

This really is just a vent, because I can't change anything about the situation. Every time I leave ds there, I tell her "If he has a poopy diaper, just put it in the stuff bag and I'll shake it out when I come back." I'll continue to tell her that, and hopefully she won't leave him in a poopy diaper again.
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Wow! It seems you both started out to a really rough day. Although it is really important for care providers to be on time, we do all have bad mornings/days. Do you know why she was late? It could have been something beyond her control. When you show up early is it before she is supposed to be working? Is this a nicety she offers you? Has this happened before?

We all just need to remember that we are all human and sometimes will have bad mornings/days.

Does she normally have six toddlers in her room? If they were all rambucious that may have been a reason for her not getting to your son. If the BM was stuck to his bum it seems like he would have been in it for awhile, perhaps he pottied right after you dropped him off and she was unable to notice it.

In any event I understand how frustrating it must be to start the morning offrough, then have just one more thing added to it.

(((HUGS))) to you and your little one.
Wow, that sucks....

BUT-you said this was a child care that's part of a fitness center? When I was a member at a local gym, the child care center there had a policy that they would not change diapers or bottle feed infants. They would, however, come get the mom/dad and let them know what needed to be done. This was the case at my friend's gym too. Maybe they have a similar policy?
Good luck!

Best Wishes, Kelly
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