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DD 8 wants limited too?

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OK i admit im really new to this fashion stuff. my 8 yr old dd/niece thinks she should be allowed to shop and wear clothes from LIMITED TOO.
DH and I prefer for kids to be dressed fun comfortable yet conservative. NO hot pants, short shorts, string tanks, etc. when i took her shopping last week she got some shorts,overalls, jeans, cargo pants, polo's and t-shirts.
( we do not allow those ''attitude" saying t-shirts for any of our kids.)
DS10 is fine with shorts and regular t-shirts etc... my younger kids only know what i buy for them.

I realize she is still adjusting to the new home environment and the change in her life. and i know for a fact her mom never would show at limited too( for different selfish reasons, i doubt they ever had anything new or not donated)

I know this is part of parenting and guiding the child in life, but we are not up to an arguement about clothes when shes 8 fwiw shes very tiny and barely is out of a 6x.
This is not about 'the limited too' as a store, this is about a style of fashion we do not agree with.

feedback on BTDT would be great...

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I think it's perfectly appropriate to set limits on what you will or won't allow her to wear. Perhaps you can come up with some sort of compromise- there are likely to be many styles of clothes that are "stylish" enough for her taste yet modest enough for your standards- you might even find some of them at Limited Too! It's perfectly reasonable to take her shopping at whatever sorts of stores you can afford, have her try stuff on and negotiate what's appropriate or not as she looks through the racks and tries things on.

FWIW, I like the bras at Limited Too for my 11yo- they're well made, comfortable, and fit her well. Everything else in that store is beyond my budget.
Limited Too has been my 11yo. niece's favorite store for a while. She doesn't get to shop there often, because it's expensive, but she has gotten gift cards for there, bought things on sale, etc.

My sister definitely has clear limits on what she can and cannot buy/wear from there. If you look around, you can find decent things, it's not all miniskirts and attitude shirts. And as a PP said, the quality is decent. The one time she spent Christmas money there when out shopping with me, I think she got a headband. I'd say go to the story with her and have a frank discussion about what she likes and what you find acceptable, and find a common ground.
Funny you should mention it! I just took dd shopping there. I am way more lineint (gawd I wish I cood spel!) and let her pick pretty much what she wanted. Dd lives in skorts and tank tops in the summer. Winters draw on forever here. By the time it warms up, people shed layers like they were twenty-pound weights. She stays away from from the attitude shirts and pants/shorts that have stuff written across the back end out of respect for me because she knows I don't go for them. Most the time, she is in a school uniform. At home, I feel she should be able to have some say in what she wears. All I can say is thank goodness there is more than one right way to raise your kids. It'd be aweful to have a dress code dictated from some higher up authority. So let your dn know why you think the way you do about clothing style. Listen to her. And tip-toe through the joys and pains of preteen years.
accessories... yes headbands would be ok hair clips etc... socks too...clearance bin is great...

this is just one of many stuggles we are going to experience...

thanks for the ideas
Most girls start getting "brand" conscious around 8 or 9. If it's just that she wants Limited Too clothes, there is a very easy solution-Ebay. I can always find plenty of outfits on there that are in excellent condition, and are very age appropriate, they are also much cheaper than shopping in the store. There is also another store "Justice" that has opened in the last couple of years. They are owned by Limited Too, only less expensive-Just like Old Navy is owned by Gap.
My DD is 9yr old and if we could afford it I'd let her shop at Limited Too. I wish they'd had clothes like that when I was a kid... I think they're cute, but you do have to pick and choose through some crap.

I don't let my DD wear midriff revealing clothes, or shorts so short that her butt cheeks show, etc... but beyond that I'm pretty lenient. I figure that she's old enough to chose how she wants to dress, WITH GUIDANCE. I don't think fashion is something really worth fighting about, as long as she doesn't dress like a hooker. Just my opinion.
My dd's would buy all of their clothes from there if it were up to them. We however, rarely buy new stuff, let alone from the mall (my least favorite places on the planet), but we do get them sweats/ headbands/ accessories probably twice a year. They love to find a deal on the sale racks, and we end up with a non-hooch item that they like, wear and take better care of.
My Dd, 12, has some stuff from there (mostly second hand or handed down because it is expensive sometimes) and we have no problem with the styles offered there.
Definatelly BTDT. Dd pretty much now knows what is going to fly with me or not. This is one of my dd's favorite stores(she likes all the knick-knacky stuff they have in there). We rarely buy any clothing from there unless it is on clearance. Their prices are outrageous IMO. I have also bought limited too things secondhand and they have held up well. Some of their styles seem like miniature versions of grown-up styles, but others are appropriate and I like very much such as their track pants/warmups/sports themed lines.

Originally Posted by bumblebeeskies
Most girls start getting "brand" conscious around 8 or 9.
Really? My child is nearly 8. She loves to pick out her own clothes. I take her to Zara and H&M, sometimes Marks & Spencer, but she doesn't really care where the clothes are bought, just that she can pick out her own things. She hates tags and doesn't know what "brand" means.

Is Limited an adult store? Do they have clothing for children? If so, why wouldn't you want your dd to buy stuff from there, unless it's pricey, of course?

Originally Posted by KaraBoo
She hates tags and doesn't know what "brand" means.

My Dd knows what brand is but couldn't care less.
It's never ever been a concern around here. In fact she has some limited too stuff but didn't realize it until I mentioned it lol. So yea, I agree that for some kids it just must never come up. Perhaps this is a peer influence type of thing?
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Thankfully, at this point in time, my children do not have a preferance for particular brands They do prefer jeans and t shirts, but otherwise they are open.

However, if I were taking on a child who was not my own, who had felt deprivation or rejection in the past, I would try to accomodate his/her needs. There are plenty of ways to meet fashion wishes in cheap ways. If you have a Savers (or any goodwill/thrift/consignment) near you , you will find all the 'brands' for pennies on the dollar. If a bit of a uniform helps her to feel less singled out, I would go ahead and buy those items that make her feel less insecure in her new life.

It's hard enough being a child--- sometimes a uniform can ease the transition. I would not make wanting certain items a moral issue. You can let her know there will be other crazy demands, and that you understand many children are also insecure, and some are shallow. If giving her a few certain name t shirts helps ease her into her new life, so what? The lessons can come later, when it's not so painful to be an outcast. I can't see why she should be denied this. You can still amke sure her belly is covered. Limited Too, as far as I can see, is just a bunch of shirts with Limited Too printed on them.

As she becomes more acclimated to your family, you can give her more insight. Perhaps you might choose to homeschool so she doesn't hace to face this crazyness on a daily basis. I would not choose the clothing argument at this time. I know so many adults who wouldn't be caught dead driving a mini van or not wearing tie dye .(Pick whatever group look with which you identify). Nearly every one of us is affected by those markers which define the segment we wish to be a part.

We really should not expect more from our most vulnerable.
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DD(10) ..her grandma buys some of her clothes there ..mostly because its the only place so far that she has found slims..
I have seen the clothes in there and I am disapproving of many of the clothes..I dont think my 10 yr old needs to be showing off her mid riff or wearing shorts so short you can see her undies...
But I would buy the clothing in there that is more covering, They do have cute clothes.
Limited too has a website too, and it has clearance stuff on it. My dd is almost 7, but is tiny so she doesn't fit into most of their clothes yet. I also don't want her wearing the short shorts and skirts. I found some cute stuff at Gap kids recently. It's been hard to shop for her lately. I really like Gymboree, but I think she is getting too old for the styles there, and she's still too young for most of the older girls clothes. Lately I've been getting her clothes at Target, Old Navy or Gap.
If you can afford it I say go for it. I believe that in the long run there will be bigger struggles to contend with if you don't give a little. Saying that, however, I also think that there should be some clear guidelines. My kids know what I will and will not allow them to wear. They also know that I believe that kids should be allowed to make their own decisions about their appearance. So, while they know they have the freedom to choose their own clothes, they also know what lines they cannot cross and I think because of it they've made very good decisions and wouldn't think of wearing outfits that are entirely too mature for them. Even my 14yo, who is at 'that age' wouldn't think of wearing anything revealing. She doesn't get why girls feel the need to dress innappropriately.

Personally, if you can get past the miniskirts, I think that Limited Too has some VERY cute, trendy clothes. And, while I don't believe that kids should be terribly focused on how they look, I know that I feel good when I think that I look good and I'm sure many kids feel the same way. At this time when she's working on an adjustment period, I say do whatever you can, within reason, to allow her to feel special and beautiful. Sometimes a couple of new outfits that she wouldn't normally be able to get can make a world of difference.
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I decided to check out the site. They do have some adorable stuff. I didn't really see too many revealing clothes, IMO. Maybe you could just compromise with her. Let her get the things they have that you do feel comfortable with.

Would something like this be OK with you?


My dd (age 10 almost 11) loves to shop there and for the most part gets most of her stuff there, but our schools dress code (thankfully) doesn't allow any kind of halter top, short shorts/skirts, tank tops, etc. Basically the winter stuff is ok, but the spring/summer stuff isn't! I too, love the clearance rack there and with three girls I have to shop that way
but I think if you are upfront with her about the stuff she allowed to buy there, it might be a nice treat and a bonding experience for both of you!
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Check out this summer's styles. Long shorts are "in"

So are short skirts but with modesty enhancing leggings under them.

LONG, LONG Shirts are in. You wear two tops. The Longer one comes down well under the hips. Best bet is to buy a super long tank at Target and then put a more "fashion forward over" (should be slightly shorter to show layered look)>
My DD (10) gets a clothing allowance of sorts. Which means, if we are going to buy shirts and she says she wants Limited Too, I let her know she can have 4 shirts from Sears or one-two from Limited Too. A lot of her friends wear clothes from there, so she likes the store a lot, but plenty of her friends wear cheaper stuff so she usually goes for quantity over trendy-ness
She doesn't even try to get midriff baring tops or halter tops, and if she did she knows I'd veto it. If we didn't have limited funds, I'd let her get clothes from wherever she wanted as long as they were within my modesty guidelines. Limited Too has plenty of cute clothes that cover what I want covered--it isn't just skimpy halter tops.
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